They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part CLX

California cannabisJeff Sessions has said “good people don’t smoke marijuana,” Has he considered who actually uses cannabis? Are grandmas (or anyone else for that matter that use cannabis for pain or other conditions automatically bad people? Do they deserve to have their medicine taken away? Is this what the people want?

WHO uses cannabis shouldn’t matter, and using cannabis does not make one a bad person. But since Sessions cannot see beyond his hatred for the substance and those who use it, here we are.

Grandmas, among many other demographics, are tossing out their pharmaceuticals and replacing them with cannabis. Why? Because it works, it doesn’t make them feel disoriented and woozy, and because it’s legal where they are. Senator Harris is right: leave grandma’s medicine alone. That medicine is doing so much good.

Does it make economic sense to bother with cannabis? What about government not intruding in our lives? And if you, Mr. Sessions, are truly as concerned about crime as you purport to me, do you not realize that legalizing cannabis reduces the power of the drug cartels? Why do you not care about any of this?


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