They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part CLV

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This past week — in the grand tradition of Trump Administration flip-flopping — DHS Secretary John Kelly changed his mind on pot. Kelly initially stood out as moderate on cannabis when he earlier in the week declared that “marijuana is not a factor in the drug war.” This statement led us to believe he had a somewhat more realistic view on cannabis than the rest of his cannabis hating colleagues. Give his quote above, that is no longer the case and it appears Kelly’s views mimic the Reefer Madness and D.A.R.E. ideologies we have come to expect from so many in the Trump Administration.

What do you see the Trump Administration actually doing about cannabis, beyond just voicing stupid opinions on it?


3 responses to “They Said It On Marijuana, Quotable Saturday, Part CLV”

  1. Trump&Co have already defunded the NIH, the health agency in charge of cannabis research, so they could
    1) say that defunding was a preemptive move to prevent any further studies, or
    2) they could toss all of the existing studies that suggest or prove that cannabis can and does heal without harmful side effects, while
    3) keeping and promoting all of the research that indicate harm.

    This administration has already proven its nefarious intentions, so it’s becoming easier to anticipate the harm they may next inflict.

    I hope some of you support the March for Science today by showing up!

  2. Kelly did not consider the $4 billion dollar marijuana eradication program he loses if cannabis is legalized when he made his first statement.
    All of a sudden marijuana became a very dangerous drug when funding became involved.

  3. “What do you see the Trump Administration actually doing about cannabis, beyond just voicing stupid opinions on it?”
    1. Congress will pass the hemp farming act removing hemp [cannabis with under .3% THC] from the CSA. All derivatives of hemp will be allowed except for possibly isolated cannabidiol. Isolated cannabidiol will not be allowed to be added to products. A deal will be struck on % of cannabidiol in products allowed to be sold over the counter to consumers.
    2. All marijuana extracts; products with over .3% thc [or maybe 1%] will be given to the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA will enforce.
    3. Marijuana will be allowed but only on a state by state basis; interstate commerce will not be allowed and the federal government will add increased burdens in the form of financial levies upon an already burdensome industry. The federal government will make it extremely hard to make good margins on the selling and distributing of marijuana [flower of cannabis with over .3% thc].
    4. All synthetic cannabinoids will be give to the pharmaceutical companies as will be no surprise to anyone. Pharmaceuticals also may get isolated cannabidiol or other isolated phytocannabinoids.
    5. Cartel and organized crime activity that are involved in the trafficking of marijuana over state and international boundaries will continue to be the priority of the administration.
    6. The hemp farming act will be used by the Administration to appease the commoners by the use of a vast pr campaign that will target to change perception of a country that is not quite sure where it wants to go on this issue. “And of course smokin thc is bad mmmkay.”

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