Seattle’s Second Marijuana Retailer, Uncle Ike’s, to Open Today

Seattle’s second State-licensed retail marijuana storefront — our client, Uncle Ike’s — is officially opening for business today in Capitol Hill at 23rd and Union. With only one State-licensed marijuana retail storefront previously open (and sporadically operating) in the city, Uncle Ike’s is sure to be a welcome relief for product distribution. In addition to the storefront, Uncle Ike’s also maintains a “glass and goods” shop right next door that is also open for business as of today.

High Above Seattle had some very positive things to say about Uncle Ike’s branding and style:

Speaking of Ian Eisenberg and his portfolio of success, how about the opening of not just Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop, but the grand opening of Uncle Ike’s Glass and Goods as well? In a building on the same lot, close to the pot shop, will be store which sells marijuana paraphernalia such as pipes, bongs, and vaporizers. We think this is a brilliant business move! While it’s against WSLCB regulation to openly advertise that you are a recreational marijuana retail store on your storefront, why not advertise on your second store that you are a “glass shop.” Any customers who drive by and stop to purchase pot paraphernalia will be tickled to find out that they can purchase cannabis just next door.

Washington’s recreational marijuana program is slowly but steadily rolling out and Uncle Ike’s is a company that gets it. As we’ve blogged about over and over (and over), locking down and securing your branding is one of the keys to building and securing your business, your products, and your reputation.

Kudos to Uncle Ike’s!