Pot Is Illegal And Don’t You Forget It, Part II.

Late last month we did a post, Pot is Illegal and Don’t You Forget It, with the reminder that just because recreational marijuana is legal in Washington and Colorado and medical marijuana is legal in another 22 states and the District of Columbia, and decriminalized in a number of cities, does not mean that it is legal everywhere.

In that post, we noted the following:

We all know that marijuana is not legal everywhere, but those of us who live in states (or countries) where it is legal or decriminalized or just ignored can get complacent about marijuana, and that can lead to problems.

We then went on to talk about people getting in trouble for getting caught with marijuana on cruise ships or while passing through states (and countries) that border marijuana-legal states.

Add federal land to the list of places in which you should not be bringing your stash.

Marijuana activist and NORML blogger Chris Goldstein is facing serious federal charges right now for smoking “a marijuana cigarette during a monthly public protest staged in the shadow of [Philadelphia’s] Liberty Bell last August.” The Liberty Bell is situated on Federally maintained land. According to Philly.com, Goldstein is appealing a $3,000 fine and two years of supervised probation:

“They really came down hard,” Goldstein said in an interview. In March, a federal magistrate had fined him $3,000, sentenced him to two years of supervised probation, and ordered him to stay 100 feet from the Independence National Historic Park when “Smoke Down Prohibition” protests are held.

The article makes clear that it is federal policy (thank you, President Obama and Attorney General Holder) to go hard after anyone with pot on federal lands:

Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard W. Goldberg, who has overseen cases involving protesters in Philadelphia for the last 20 years, said that Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. has also instructed law enforcement to continue to detain people for possessing marijuana on federal land and parks and to prosecute them.

“The parks are filled with children on school trips, and parents bring their kids to see the Liberty Bell,” Goldberg said in an interview. He said the visitors have the right to go to these parks without seeing people smoking marijuana and breaking the law.

“The parks are different from other public areas, and there are different rules,” Goldberg said. “. . . They’re to be maintained for the use of a large number of people and have grass and trees and historic artifacts that they can visit in a peaceful environment.”

Please add federal lands to your list of places where it would be a big mistake for you to have or use marijuana.

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