Oregon’s March To Marijuana Legalization Took Another Big Step Today

This past Tuesday, July 1, the National Cannabis Industry Association (Hilary Bricken of our firm sits on its board) hosted a reception in Portland for Oregon cannabis industry professionals. Not surprisingly, there was a great turnout. I say “not surprisingly” because of all that has transpired in Oregon recently regarding marijuana to indicate that Oregon will soon be joining the ranks of states to legalize recreational marijuana. As we previously wrote, we are pleased that New Approach Oregon is on track to qualify its measure for the ballot in November, with around 145,000 signatures collected.

New Approach turned in those signatures today!

In accord with everyone else with whom I spoke at the NCIA event, we want to see recreational marijuana legalized in Oregon. And like them, we are convinced that Oregon voters will pass the New Approach Initiative and set Oregon up as the “next big thing” in the flourishing recreational cannabis industry.