Pot Is Illegal And Don’t You Forget It

In More Reefer Madness from Bermuda’s Kangaroo Courts, The Cruise Law News Blog writes on how Bermuda loves arresting and fining cruise passengers for possessing marijuana. Bermuda’s lack of anything resembling what we would consider due process here in the United States has Florida cruise law attorney James Walker (rightly) up in arms about “cruise stoners” getting fined:

People ask me, why do you care if cruise stoners get fined?

The problem is that Bermuda has a strange sense of priorities. It delights in small time pot busts of vacationers with a cigarette or two in the cabin safe to be smoked for recreational use on the high seas, an issue the cruise line security should deal with. But rapes or violent shipboard crimes? Bermuda is indifferent to prosecuting rapists and criminals on Bermuda flagged ships.

Compare Bermuda’s madness with the customs policy in Canada toward cruise ships. For a period of a year or so, customs officers in Halifax, Canada arrested four crew members and cruise passengers with child pornography on their computers. All of them served jail time. A good use of Canadian customs and judicial resources.

But in Bermuda, you’ll never see a cruise rapist, pedophile or child porn pervert arrested by the customs personnel or sentenced by Magistrate Warner. There’s no money to be made in arresting real criminals.

This is a good segue to our pointing out what should be obvious: Marijuana is not legal in most places and you should act accordingly.

We all know that marijuana is not legal everywhere, but those of us who live in states (or countries) where it is legal or decriminalized or just ignored can get complacent about marijuana, and that can lead to problems.

Just the other day, an of-age college student we know was caught with marijuana he had picked up legally in Washington but had failed to remove from his car while driving through a state in which marijuana is still illegal. This person has had to hire and pay for a criminal lawyer to defend him in an effort to avoid anything becoming permanent on his criminal record. There are even reports that Colorado drivers are being profiled for pot in other states. We also know of someone who left the Netherlands with marijuana, only to be stopped by police officers on the Netherlands-to-France train upon its arrival in France. We have also heard stories of people getting caught at airports with marijuana in their bag, forgetting even that they had it there. This article contains a number of maps showing how likely you are to get arrested for marijuana possession in our fifty states.

The Bottom Line: Pot is not legal everywhere. The war on drugs, both international and domestic, is like a zombie — continually returning though altogether brainless, mostly dead, and loathed by most. Nonetheless you cannot forget that we still live in the era of prohibition and though there are pockets of reasonableness and forward-thinking government regimes, you must be cautious with your marijuana use and remain vigilant over the laws in play.

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