Cannabis In Oregon. Legalization Is Coming, And Soon!

I spoke this past Saturday in Portland, Oregon, at the National Cannabis Industry Association‘s Northwest CannaBusiness Symposium. My panel was on government relations and marijuana legalization and regulation. I shared the stage with Congressman Earl Blumenauer, a known champion of the marijuana legalization movement in Congress and a loyal Oregonian, and two other panelists. Blumenauer’s

Illinois to its Medical Marijuana Patients: Your Cannabis or Your Gun

Last week the Illinois Department of Public Health was the first Illinois State agency to releasing draft rules for regulating patient access to medical cannabis. The rules are available here and DPH is accepting public comments through February 7 (more information available here). The rule garnering the most attention right now is proposed § 946.230(c), which lists what patient applicants must do to qualify for medical cannabis in Illinois. Most of the requirements are relatively unsurprising. Cannabis patients must certify that they understand that possession and use of marijuana is still a federal crime, that they will keep their records up-to-date, that they will not transfer or re-sell their medical marijuana, that smoking in public is not allowed, etc. Certainly nothing earth shattering. But there is this kicker at the very end of the list:

How To Protect Your Cannabis Brand, Part II

Not exactly. Even though the USPTO will not register trademarks for cannabis-products, state trademark registrations are a viable and relatively inexpensive option for protecting your marijuana brand. Obtaining state registration of a cannabis trademark/trade name gives exclusive rights to that trademark/trade name within that particular state. And to the extent a name is being used in commerce for non-cannabis goods and services, registering a federal trademark is still an option. In other words, you can register your trade name for your killer brownies that just happen to have marijuana in them, but you cannot register your trade name for the marijuana itself.

Illinois Medical Cannabis Laws. Expect Strict Enforcement.

Marijuana in Illinois is at an interesting juncture. Illinois may only be gearing up for its cannabis rule-making process, but this has not prevented it from coming out swinging in its enforcement efforts. The first Illinois medical cannabis clinic, Good Intentions, which set up shop in Chicago’s West Town area to a deluge of patient inquires,