Cocaine Trade Open in Canada? Not So Fast

In the U.S., cocaine is a Schedule II controlled substance and its use, possession, etc. is illegal except for certain, limited medical applications. The licensed sale of cocaine for recreational use is not even remotely a concept in the U.S., and the same goes for Canada. Why then did we see a Canadian cannabis company

new york cannabis processor

New York’s Adult Use Cannabis Processor Licenses

Continuing our series on New York’s cannabis rules and regulations, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about New York’s cannabis processor licenses (check out our other posts in the series here, here, here, and here). Because there is so much information packed into the regs, we’re doing this FAQ style. What are the

SAFE Banking Act

Breaking Down the Safe Banking Act: Why It Matters for Cannabis Businesses, Financial Institutions and Consumers

The Safe Banking Act, also known as the Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act (SAFE Banking Act), is sorely needed legislation to address the critical issue of financial services being denied to marijuana businesses that operate in the state-legalized industries. We’ve written extensively about the SAFE Banking Act over the past several years. See here,

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What Biden’s Tax Plan Would Mean for the Cannabis Industry

President Joe Biden just dropped the federal budget for 2024. The White House boldly claims that the tax plan will reduce the deficit by $3 trillion over the next 10 years. But several parts of the budget’s tax reforms are likely to significantly (and adversely) impact the cannabis industry. Today, I’ll analyze a few key

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California Cannabis Retailer Faces Costly ADA and UCRA Claims

A recent lawsuit filed in California federal court serves as a good reminder to all our readers that it’s so important to be mindful of Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (the “ADA”). For the past several years, we’ve seen a steady flow of cases filed against cannabis companies for their alleged failures

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Publicly Traded Cannabis Company Plans $500M (!) EB-5 Raise (!!)

Cannabis and business immigration don’t mix. Or at least that’s the conservative guidance we often give clients that come to us with that question. That’s not because a particular investment may not be sound, rather because federal law creates inherent conflicts between immigration eligibility and participating in a cannabis venture. Kate Robertson at MJBizDaily reported


Peru: New Medical Cannabis Regs

Peru has new regulations for the use of medical cannabis, following the issuance of Supreme Decree (Decreto Supremo) No. 004-2023-SA on February 28 of this year. The decree approves the Regulation that Regulates the Medicinal and Therapeutic Use of Cannabis and Its Derivatives (Reglamento que regula el uso medicinal y terapéutico del cannabis y sus

CAURD license

BREAKING – New York Expands CAURD License Program

New York’s Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) and Cannabis Control Board (CCB) made a significant announcement during the CCB’s board meeting on March 2, 2023: the Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary License (CAURD) program is expanding the number of CAURD licenses to 300, doubling the previous allotment of 150 CAURD licenses. As a brief refresher, this


New York Adult Use Cannabis: A Timing Update

There has a been a lot going on as New York continues to move towards rolling out its full adult use cannabis licensing, which has itself led to a lot of confusion in terms of timelines. The most recent notable event was the end of the adult use regulation public comment period, which closed on