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Canna Law Blog Cited by U.S. Senators in Letter to the Attorney General

Last week, we discovered that U.S. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker cited our own Vince Sliwoski in a letter to Merrick Garland, the U.S. Attorney General, pressing for the end of cannabis prohibition. The Warren-Booker letter, dated October 6, 2021, advocates for DEA to remove cannabis from the federal Controlled Substances Act— which would

cannabis alter ego liability

Cannabis Litigation: What is “Alter Ego” liability?

When going into business—whether cannabis or otherwise— the first step is to create a business entity. (This seems obvious but still eludes many in the cannabis industry.) One of the principal purposes of establishing a business entity to limit the personal liability exposure of the founders. Typically, the business entity itself and not the investors,

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Hire A New York Cannabis Attorney

If you are applying for an adult-use cannabis license in New York, please please please hire a New York cannabis attorney. It doesn’t have to be be us, but it should be someone who is actually familiar with the licensing rules and regulations beyond just reading media headlines. We’ve written about it before (here, here

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LA Cannabis Social Equity Partnerships

The Los Angeles Social Equity Verification period came to an end at 4pm on Monday, July 25th. Recall that verification is required to enter into the Social Equity Retail Lottery this Winter. The verification period will be followed by a 90-day review period. Then, the Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) will notify qualified applicants of

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Goods and Services and Canna Trademarks

Goods and services (G&S) identifications are a critical part of a cannabis trademark application, as with any other trademark application. An improper identification can delay an application, and in the worst cases prove fatal. Cannabis brands in particular have to be very careful when it comes to G&S. Trademark rights are linked to specific goods

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Hilary Bricken Named Top California Cannabis Lawyer by the Daily Journal

Harris Bricken is proud to announce that the Daily Journal named our own Hilary Bricken, as one of the “Top California Cannabis Lawyers of 2022.” Hilary is one of the premier cannabis business and regulatory attorneys in the United States. She is licensed to practice law in California, Washington, and Florida. As chair of Harris

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EU Marijuana Legalization: A Wave is Coming

Exciting developments lie ahead for European Union (EU) marijuana legalization. It is inevitable that marijuana legalization sweeps the globe–if you haven’t seen it yet, please watch our webinar with Clifford Chance about the existing global economy of marijuana. The question is just one of timing. In Germany, as one prominent example, we’re looking at legalization

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How to Amend Cannabis Contracts

Most cannabis businesses have to amend written cannabis contracts on a regular basis. And many of them do it all wrong. Today, I’ll look at some of the key issues cannabis businesses must consider in amending cannabis agreements. First off, any halfway decent cannabis contract will have an amendments provision. These clauses only permit amendment

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Federal Cannabis Legislation: The CAOA is Back!

Yesterday, Senator Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senators Cory Booker and Ron Wyden presented the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act (CAOA) in the Senate. This version of the CAOA is a big deal, as it’s been over a year since the discussion draft of the bill was shown to the public. It’s also a big

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Luxury Meets Cannabis: New York Ask Me Anything

Back on May 5, 2022, Harris Bricken’s Simon Malinowski hosted an “Ask Me Anything” during the fantastic (in our opinion) Luxury Meets Cannabis Conference in New York City. Want to hear the hard hitting questions answered about cannabis licensing and the current state of New York’s cannabis industry? Here is a video of that AMA: Check