Oregon Marijuana Seminar in Six Days: More Tickets Now Available

Oregon has been all the buzz lately due to its marijuana business friendly Measure 91 and because the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) is very publicly soliciting the public for its views on what should go into Oregon’s not yet finalized recreational marijuana program.

What makes Measure 91 so good? A number of things. First, it has a sensible and reasonable tax structure that will allow marijuana businesses to be profitable and to compete favorably with the illegal market. Second, it explicitly allows for marijuana delivery services and some home growing. Third, it prohibits cities and counties from banning marijuana businesses outright. Fourth, it allows for out-of-state participation and investment.

Before Measure 91’s passage, Noelle Crombie (the Oregonian’s pot reporter) and I dished in downtown Portland on what Oregonians should be expecting from its newly legalized recreational cannabis regime. Immediately after Measure 91 passed, I spoke at a terrific Oregon Public Broadcasting town hall meeting in Portland on Oregon’s Oregon’s marijuana economy and what we should be expecting in Salem on marijuana in 2015. Just this past week, I had the pleasure of going on Oregon Public Radio’s Think Out Loud show to discuss the interaction between recreational and medical marijuana in Oregon post-legalization. Rounding it out, Robert McVay (another of our Canna Law Group attorneys) was also last interviewed on Public Radio regarding Oregon’s legalized marijuana regime. In all of these interviews, we stressed how much we like Measure 91.

As many of you know, we will be putting on a seminar in Portland on February 4 to talk about what marijuana businesses should expect from Oregon this year, and how to prepare for that. This seminar will be in downtown Portland at the World Trade Center Conference Center (our Portland office is in this building), 121 SW Salmon Street, #2. Originally, the only room available for this seminar (at least in the building that houses our office) held 150 people. We sold out of all 150 tickets rather quickly and that meant that we told many of you that the only way you could attend would be via webinar, which meant no social hour (and a half) afterwards.

Well a few days ago, our building alerted us to the fact that a larger room had opened up and we immediately grabbed it. This larger room can hold about 210, and we now have about 30 tickets still left. So if you were one of those people unable to buy a ticket earlier, of if you are just deciding now to attend, we urge you to go here and register for this event. We also have an unlimited number of webinar tickets still available.

We look forward to seeing you there.


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