Oregon Cannabis License Renewal Clinics: A Time Sensitive Opportunity for Portland Metro Licensees

Licensees in the Portland area will have a chance to meet with the OLCC in person to renew applications and perhaps discuss other issues.

Any Portland, Oregon cannabis licensees that have recently received an email from the OLCC about license renewal have a unique opportunity to expedite the renewal process in the next two weeks. The OLCC will be holding renewal clinics at their headquarters on McLoughlin Blvd on December 6-7 and December 14-15. You will have an opportunity to meet with an OLCC representative in person and renew your license and presumably to discuss any other issues facing your business. The OLCC is using the Eventbrite website to manage appointments and you will need to register in advance here.

To renew in person you will need the following, quoting the OLCC’s Eventbrite site:

“What’s Required:

  • A Business Entity Questionnaire and completed and signed Individual Histories for all members and their spouses in the entity to be licensed
  • Current Boundary Sketch
  • Renewal Application Packet
  • Current Premises Floor Plan (with cameras labeled and numbered)

What Might Be Required:

  • Premises access documents (lease, deed) only if there has been a change to it since the previous licensing (examples: change to the lease terms; listed individuals no longer involved with the business)
  • New Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS) only if requesting a larger canopy (example: from Tier 1 to Tier 2) or a change in canopy designation (example: currently approved for indoor but want to switch to mixed)”

You should also bring a credit card or cash to pay your renewal fee and any late fees. If you pay by check, or fail to pay on site, then your renewal will be delayed.

The OLCC has already held renewal clinics in southern and eastern Oregon in an effort to mitigate the application backlog we discussed previously. The idea appears to be that once the OLCC clears out the pending renewals, it can turn its focus back to addressing the current applications. This seems like a smart move by an agency that simply hasn’t been provided with the funding necessary to meet demand.

We recommend you take advantage of these clinics if you can get your paperwork in order in time. And if you have any pending changes to push through, such as ownership changes, floor plan changes, or canopy changes, it is likely worth contacting the OLCC to see if it is something you can resolve through the clinic process. But move fast, the clinic spots are likely to go quickly.