Moving Marijuana Across State Lines: Still A Felony

Now that four states have legalized recreational marijuana and another twenty or so states have legal medical marijuana regimes, we are hearing people talk about how taking their legal pot across state borders by car or by air is no big deal. Unfortunately, it is a big deal. A really big deal.

It should first be noted that possession of recreational marijuana for adults over the age of twenty-one will not be legal in Oregon until its new law goes into effect on July 1, 2015. Possession in Oregon until that point must be in accordance with Oregon’s current medical marijuana laws.

More importantly, taking marijuana from one marijuana legal state to another — even though both jurisdictions legally allow for recreational marijuana use — still constitutes a federal crime. Section 812 of Title 21 of the U.S. Code classifies marijuana as a Schedule I Controlled Substance. Because our Constitution gives the federal government authority to regulate interstate commerce, it has the ability to prosecute individuals for transporting marijuana across state lines, even if the transport is from one legal state jurisdiction to another

This is not to say that we should expect FBI agents to be sitting at the borders waiting to arrest people for going from one state to another with marijuana, but this is to say that traveling from state to state with marijuana is not advised and that doing so by commercial airlines is still out of the question. This is also a good time to remind everyone to clear out their cars, their clothes and their luggage before going from a cannabis legal state to one that is not. State troopers in states like Nebraska and Kansas and Idaho know full well that there is easy money to be made by snaring people entering with marijuana from Colorado and Washington.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I did not mention that possessing cannabis within a state that deems it legal for recreational purposes still violates federal law. Although the feds have emphasized that enforcement will not be a priority in states with tightly regulated recreational or medical marijuana regimes, they have never said that they will look the other way when interstate transport is involved.

So just don’t.

It is important to be aware that transporting any Schedule I Controlled Substance, including marijuana, across any state line is a federal felony. This is the case even if your medical marijuana patient card is honored in the next state over, and even if you are moving between jurisdictions that have legalized recreational marijuana. Keep and consume your cannabis in the state where you purchased it, or run the risk of federal criminal charges for transporting a controlled substance.

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  1. Green Salutations!

    Thanks a lot for such an interesting information! I was about to ask something regarding this.

    i believe Constitution already has some kind of equality of rights that does NOT allow categories of corporations. I’m sure that if even Brazil would have some basis for that in our Constitution, but only if States here had more powers of regulating crimes.

    Maybe some legal breach such as the plant/parts are not allowed to be transported interstately, but maybe some medical preparations, edible or extract, could find their way.

    Anyways, I’m just wondering. I’m a lawyer in Brazil, but know not more than 5% of the US law system.

    Thanks again!

    Resin hugs from the psychedelic jungles of Brazil!

  2. Possessing marijuana is still a felony under Federal law. Why does it matter if you cross state lines? If the Feds want to bust you; they will bust you. They do not need to wait for you to go to another state.

    Do you honestly think if the Feds caught you with a small amount of marijuana they would care where you purchased it?

    If you truly want to be safe, do not purchase marijuana. It remains a Federal crime.

    So just don’t.

    • Who are you? Some kind of demented reincarnation of Nancy Reagan’s long lost evil twin brother? Just do it. The closet door has been thrown open in this country and people like me intend to keep it open permanently (-;]

  3. If a product (edible, tincture, capsule) contains CBD, what is the percentage of THC that is allowed in the product for the product to cross state lines. I understood it was 0.4% THC. Is that correct?

  4. If the Carers Act gets passed and California legalizes recreational use and marijuana is no longer a schedule 1, will it be a felony to transport marijuana by truck from California to Washington? Also the Carers Act wants to remove CBD from being illegal. Would that open up trucking companies to transport CBD for medicinal use?

    • It would technically be illegal whether you used USPS or a private carrier. Just a helpful hint…a little bird told me that when he ships medical marijuana, he uses a medium sized box, well packed with other innocuous, innocent looking items, and ships only bud that has been vacuumed sealed and with the outside wiped clean with alcohol, and he uses Fed Ex or UPS (NEVER USPS) 2nd Day Air (overnight can seem suspicious but 2nd day gives you that added care, attention, and traceability of express mail). Even though state marijuana laws only locally, it is wise to have a “medical marijuana card” or doctor’s recommendation to show authorities should you be discovered and have to claim “mercy” for using a natural plant that has saved your life.

  5. I have a ? If one car is transporting cannabis and another car if following like a lookout can second car of people be charged with anything they are being paid to follow going from California to Pittsburgh

    • CBD, in pure crystalline or oil form, is totally legal to possess, distribute, or transport because it is not a scheduled controlled substance as is THC. However, you are taking a chance because I can assure that law enforcement agencies are not going to any trouble to educate their officers as to the finer points of cannabinoid contraband law.

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