Medical and Recreational Cannabis in Southern California: Santa Monica on June 22-23

California cannabis seminar: june 22 and 23
California cannabis seminar: June 22 and 23

On June 22nd and 23rd in Santa Monica, Canna Law Blog’s own Hilary Bricken will be chairing and presenting at a day and a half long continuing legal education (CLE) event called “Medical and Recreational Cannabis in Southern California.” This will be Hilary’s third year heading up and presenting at this event. Robert McVay from our firm will also be speaking there. The roster of speakers lined up for this CLE is better than any previous year and everyone, including non-lawyers, would be well served to attend. For a full event description, including topics, speakers and registration links, go here.

Hilary’s talk will be on how California has borrowed from Washington and Oregon in creating its new cannabis regime. Hilary is particularly qualified to discuss this topic as she is licensed in both Washington and California and she often consults with our Portland, Oregon office on high level cannabis regulatory matters. Hilary began her career as a cannabis lawyer way back in 2010 in Seattle and she now heads up our California practice out of our Los Angeles office.

Robert’s talk is entitled, Investing in the Cannabis Industry, and it is described as follows:

How to raise money in California’s marijuana industry? Can entrepreneurs even raise funds under the current MCRSA or Proposition 64 regulatory rules? If they can, how do they do that? What should a solid marijuana PPM contain? What should the “Disclaimer” section disclose? What liability exists for investors? What kinds of questions should investors be asking? How should an investment deal be structured in the marijuana industry? Is that deal the same in every state? Are Kickstarter or other crowd funding sources possible for the marijuana industry? If not, why not?

It is amazing to see the pace at which California is attacking regulation of commercial cannabis activity under its Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act. Even though the state is just beginning to take public comment on its initial rules, those rules already show great attention to detail. For our take on what you need to know and do now in California if you are looking to start a cannabis business there, check out 10 Reasons Why You’re Already Behind on California Medical Cannabis Licensing.

California cannabis attorneys and potential license applicants alike need to familiarize themselves with California’s unique regulatory concepts and industry dynamics and this seminar will help with that. These concepts include the licensing schemes under the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act and the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (with an analysis of Governor Brown’s Trailer Bill), an analysis of the licensing models in Oregon and Washington from which California has already borrowed, government relations, emerging litigation trends and topics, and practical approaches to working with and in the cannabis industry through contracts. All of these issues will be addressed at this event and if you want to know what is happening and what is likely to happen with California’s cannabis industry, you shouldn’t miss it.

Please join us in Santa Monica on June 22nd and 23rd for a day and a half survey of California medical cannabis that will be both broad and deep. And if you are a Harris Bricken client, a friend of our firm or a steadfast Canna Law Blog reader, click here to request a promotional discount code, which can be applied to either the webcast, or to your in-person attendance.

We are proud to have so many clients among the pioneers in California’s brave new world of regulated medical cannabis (and, eventually, adult use cannabis) and we hope to see you soon in Santa Monica.

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