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LCB Says No Delays on Licenses.

Despite the fact that Washington’s Liquor Control Board (LCB) has decided to allow people with non-compliant locations a 30-day extension to find new digs before being booted from the licensing process, the Board promises that those extensions will not delay the licensing process for those who found compliant locations from the get-go. The LCB sent an email to the Seattle PI in which, Brian Smith, the lead spokesman for the board, wrote:

“As we processed the applications and worked through many applications that were incomplete or did not have a location or compliant location, we decided that everyone who applied for a license should be provided with the same benefit of 30 days to provide a location that meets the 1,000 foot buffer, proof of the right to real propriety, proof of residency, age, personal criminal background check, and verification that the entity was formed in Washington. We began notifying non-retail applicants approximately two weeks ago.

Our estimate of beginning to issue licenses in March has not changed.”

We get the feeling that the LCB means business about avoiding delays. If you already have a compliant location, your application should move forward on schedule. But, if you did’t have a compliant location, you get a small window to fix that but you should definitely expect significant delays with your application as a result.

Bolstering our theory, Mikhail Carpenter, another LCB spokesperson, added in another email to Seattle PI that:

“… our timeline remains the same as previously communicated, we expect to begin issuing licenses in March with stores being open for business in roughly June (once we issue the licenses, the industry will dictate when it opens based on how long it takes someone to grow a crop, process it and move it to retail).

While people with non-compliant addresses will have 30 days to comply, there are still plenty of applicants who have compliant locations and thus eligible to move forward and be issued a license.”


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