Illinois Cannabis Update

Things have been relatively quiet here in Illinois since the passing of the September 22 application deadline for dispensary and cultivation center hopefuls. The Department of Financial and Professional Regulation and the Department of Agriculture have been busy grappling with the several hundred applications, and earlier this month applicants got the tiniest bit of insight into that process. Letters went out to applicants with minor errors or omissions in their submissions, notifying them of the issue and allowing them seven days to cure. Only corrections were allowed and materials not directly correcting an error or omission were not accepted.

Our Canna Law Group attorneys took part in addressing one such letter, a letter which was not overly detailed in what exactly the department expected. We suspect that the department wanted to give applicants an opportunity to fix small problems, but was not also going to bend over backwards to lend a helping hand. Still, when our CLG attorney hand-delivered the paperwork, there was (surprisingly and refreshingly) a helpful department staff person on hand who was personally reviewing and accepting the submissions of the dozen or so people present that afternoon. (It appeared to us that letters must have been issued in one batch, putting all applicants on the same submission deadline, but we’ve not been able to confirm.) The entire transaction reinforced our belief that Illinois is going to great lengths to make its medical marijuana pilot program professional and above-board.

This step in the processing of applications, along with the rumors we are hearing on the ground here in Chicago, suggest to us that Illinois cannabis licenses likely will issue around the end of the year, as anticipated.