Illinois Medical Cannabis Laws. Expect Strict Enforcement.

Marijuana in Illinois is at an interesting juncture.

Illinois may only be gearing up for its cannabis rule-making process, but this has not prevented it from coming out swinging in its enforcement efforts. The first Illinois medical cannabis clinic, Good Intentions, which set up shop in Chicago’s West Town area to a deluge of patient inquires, has received a public rebuke from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, which has also filed a formal complaint against Dr. Brian Murray of Good Intentions, for allegedly violating the Illinois Medical Practice Act. IDFPR appears to believe that Good Intentions is skirting the state law requirement that medical cannabis patients must have an established bona fide physician-patient relationship to receive a medical cannabis patient card. The IDFPR denounced Good Intentions’ offer to “pre-approve” medical cannabis for its patients Good Intentions has responded by calling the complaint against it “utterly false, speculative in nature, absent merit or fact, improper and misleading.” The state of Illinois has made clear since day one that it intends to scrutinize medical marijuana businesses closely and this early crackdown demonstrates that.

We have no doubt that Illinois will bring this same level of scrutiny to cannabis dispensaries and cultivation centers as well. We are always adamant that our clients follow the state law in which they are operating, but this is especially true in Illinois, where the state is showing itself ready to back its words with enforcement.

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