Recreational Marijuana Coming to Illinois?

On the heels of Colorado and Washington legalizing recreational marijuana, several other states, including Alaska and New Hampshire, are starting to consider whether their own laws prohibiting the substance should have an expiration date. There is now reason to hope legalization might not be too far away in Illinois either.

The Chicago Tribune reports (see also the Sun Times here and the Reader here) that Cook County Commissioner John Fritcheyannounced Monday he will be asking the Cook County Board to send a measure to the Illinois General Assembly that would create a task force to explore marijuana legalization and regulation. Three Democratic state representatives joined in Fritchey’s call to action. Like their counterparts in Colorado and elsewhere, these lawmakers want to put an end to the high costs of the war on drugs and inject some reason into the conversation.

No one thinks Illinois will see legalization in the immediate future, but the momentum is definitely shifting to that here in Illinois. As we have previously discussed, nationwide legalization seems inevitable. We should now add Illinois to the list of possible early adopters.

Our Illinois lawyers will be working hard to aid in these legalization efforts.

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