Happy Thanksgiving To You Our Wonderful Readers

On this Thanksgiving Day, we want to take a bit of a time out to express those things related to cannabis for which we are thankful. Just to be clear, we are focusing on cannabis, not because we think cannabis takes priority over everything else (because it does not), but merely because this is a cannabis blog. So, with that caveat, here goes:

1. We are thankful for our readers, both here and on our Canna Law Blog Facebook Page. We are thankful for your loyalty and we are especially thankful for our being able to interact with you. We are thankful for your comments, from which we learn all sorts of new things and from which we are challenged. But most of all, we are thankful and honored that you trust us for your information.

2. We are thankful for our new Canna Law Group webpage having gone live earlier this week. We thank the wonderful, talented and diligent folks over at Conflare for this. Conflare did our main law firm website about a year ago, and hardly a week goes by without our getting a compliment on that.

3. We are thankful for each and every award we have received, many of which come from our readers and our clients and from those who know us. Just last week, our own Hilary Bricken was named one of the 100 Most Influential People in the Cannabis Industry and one of the 20 Most Influential Women in the Cannabis Industry and she has been nominated to repeat as The Cannabis Industry Attorney of the Year. Sorry, but we cannot resist asking you to go here and vote for Hilary!

4. We are thankful for the election results in Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C., especially since we have lawyers licensed in all three places (and a Portland Office) and because we have cannabis clients in those places and cannabis clients looking to go there.

5. We are thankful for voters realizing that each individual should be able to decide especially for him or herself regarding cannabis. We are thankful for the fact that this desire to normalize cannabis is spreading across the United States. We are particularly thankful for the tens of thousands of people NOT going to jail this year for marijuana. But we would be remiss on this Thanksgiving Day if we did not call for pardoning more than just turkeys: those serving prison sentences for marijuana — especially those who did nothing but have it in their possession — should be pardoned as well.

6. Most of all though, we are thankful for all the great friends we have made by having been in this industry since 2010. You readers already know that the diversity of the cannabis industry mirrors the diversity of the country as a whole, and we are thankful that this realization of normalcy is starting to spread and the belittling of those in this industry and those who consume is on the decline. As we so often ask on our Facebook page: why can’t we all just get along?

Thank you, all of you, from the Canna Law Group.

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