City/County Cannabis Regulations

Cannabis regulations

The following is our current list of I-502 regulations and moratoria in Washington State, based on what we are reading, but also on what our cannabis lawyers are hearing “on the street.”

  • Aberdeen.  Amended its zoning code to allow for I-502 facilities.
  • Anacortes. Enacted a six to twelve month moratorium on all I-502 operations (Ordinance No. 2908).
  • Bainbridge Island. Enacted an interim ordinance allowing for I-502 facilities in certain parts of the city.
  • Bellevue. Enacted an interim ordinance to allow for I-502 facilities.
  • Bellingham. Enacted an ordinance allowing recreational cannabis businesses to operate in industrial districts, with retail stores allowed in industrial and commercial zones. Here’s a copy of that ordinance.
  • Bonney Lake. Enacated amoratorium on I-502.
  • Centralia: Enacted a temporary moratorium on I-502.
  • Chehalis. Enacted a moratorium on I-502 operations but is looking at its options to enact zoning regulations in the future.
  • Chelan County. Shortened its I-502 moratorium to eventually allow for I-502 operations in January 2014.
  • Clallam County.  In “wait and watch” mode.
  • Columbia County.  Enacted a year-long moratorium on I-502 facilities.
  • East Wenatchee.  Enacted  a six-month moratorium on new businesses that would produce or sell cannabis.
  • Ephrata.  Enacted a six-month interim ordinance allowing for I-502 facilities.
  • Ferndale.  Allows for I-502 operations.
  • Franklin County.  Passed I-502 moratorium in January, but is looking to enact future I-502 regulations.
  • Island County. Contemplating an I-502 moratorium.
  • Issaquah.  Looking to enact a temporary moratorium that remains in place until the Liquor Control Board finalizes rules.
  • Kennewick. Contemplating an I-502 ban.
  • Kent. Has made clear in the media that they will not tolerate any I-502 operation within city limits so long as cannabis is still a Schedule I controlled substance.
  • King County.  Enacted marijuana zoning ordinance on October 17, 2013.
  • Kirkland.  City council voted on August 6, 2013, to keep current city zones and comply with the rules under Initiative-502. Here’s an article on the council’s vote.
  • Kitsap County. County makes recommendations to adopt I-502 regulations.
  • Klickitat County.  Enacted moratorium on I-502 facilities.
  • Lakewood:  Has publicly stated that I-502 operations are not welcome so long as cannabis is still a Federal crime.
  • Langley. Looking to regulate to allow for I-502 operations.
  • Longview. Enacted six-month ban on all I-502 operations.
  • Mercer Island. Released map of where I-502 facilities can locate.
  • Millwood: Enacted six-month ban on all I-502 operations.
  • Moses Lake. Looking to enact an ordinance that allows for I-502 facilities.
  • Oak Harbor.  Enacted six-month ban on all I-502 and any new MMJ operations (existing MMJ operations are excluded from the ban).
  • Olympia. Enacted a temporary ban on I-502 operations in June 2013, but is looking to amend that ban to allow for I-502 operations.
  • Pacific. Contemplating a six-month moratorium on all cannabis businesses.
  • Pasco. Currently has a ban in place and is thinking of extending it until September 2014.
  • Pierce County. Enacted a ban on I-502 operations.
  • Pullman. Enacted an I-502 ban that will last until March 2014.
  • Puyallup. Enacted a sixty-day moratorium. Here’s a copy of that ordinance. Looking to adopt a new six-month moratorium on all I-502 operations.
  • Seattle. Enacted an I-502 zoning ordinance. Here’s the city’s guide on how to comply with that ordinance.
  • Snohomish County. Looking to enact a marijuana zoning ordinance.
  • Snohomish (City of). Enacted a six-month moratorium on I-502 operations.
  • Spokane. Enacted an ordinance allowing I-502 operations within certain zones in the city.
  • Stanwood. Enacted a six-month I-502 moratorium in August 2013 (and continued it in September 2013) with options from the city’s planning department to undertake future regulation for I-502.
  • Sunnyside. Contemplating a six-month moratorium on cannabis businesses.
  • Tacoma. Looking to pass an I-502 zoning ordinance in November 2013.
  • Toppenish. Enacted a six-month ban on all I-502 and medical cannabis operations.
  • University Place. Enacted a six-month ban on all cannabis operations in May 2013.
  • Vancouver. Enacted a six-month ban on all I-502 retail and established interim controls for production and processing.
  • Vashon Island. Locals have been invited to comment on the city’s proposed I-502 ordinance.
  • Walla Walla. Contemplating I-502 interim zoning regulations.
  • Wenatchee. Enacted a ban on I-502 operations.
  • West Richland: Enacted an I-502 ban.
  • Yakima County. Enacated a six-month moratorium on all I-502 operations in September 2013.

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