North Las Vegas Finalizes its Local Marijuana Rules

In keeping with a municipal-control trend in Nevada, the City of North Las Vegas recently finalized and released its local medical marijuana rules, and those rules are just as onerous as the ones we saw in the City of Las Vegas. Many people are learning the hard way that in a state like Nevada, where local control and privilege licenses are a way of life, the devil is in the details with medical marijuana licensing.

Almost identical to Las Vegas, North Las Vegas is going to require both a business license and a zoning permit for a cannabis business to be able to operate within its borders. As part of its application process, North Las Vegas also requires that all applicants submit a correct and accurate master copy of their State applications. Interestingly though, North Las Vegas’s window for Medical Marijuana Establishment (MME) applications will not  open until after the State’s window closes on August 18th. This is because North Las Vegas has yet to finalize its zoning, but plans to do so on August 6th. So, applicants must be extra careful when crafting their State applications to ensure that they line up identically with what they plan to submit to North Las Vegas.

More specifically, if you want an MME in North Las Vegas you will have to file with the City —among other documents and records — the following:

  • a complete business license application
  • a special or conditional use permit application
  • a non-refundable $5,000 application fee for the first application (and $2,500 for any additional applications)
  • a police department background investigation (with locals having to submit their documents to the City in person)
  • a water conservation and waste water disposal plan
  • copies of all contracts or agreements pertaining to the MME
  • a $250,000 bond
  • an insurance policy with specific limits for various liabilities
  • a $50,000 surety bond

And, of course, MMEs can only be located in certain areas of North Las Vegas. A copy of the proposed zoning ordinance (set to be passed on August 6th) can be found here. In turn, double check your property or you could be rendered ineligible by the City right off the bat.

It is also important to note that though the State of Nevada will not be awarding any points to applicants for obtaining local permits or business licenses, it will ultimately require applicants to obtain the blessing of their respective cities in order to receive a State MME registration certificate. With North Las Vegas being one of the last municipalities to implement its own local MME regulations, it should come as no surprise that the City is going to see an onslaught of applicants who either missed other local licensing windows within the State or who failed to obtain a local MME license or permit in those other jurisdictions.

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