Cannabis Legalization: Law Enforcement Who Favor It

Yesterday multiple law enforcement officers, including police officers, sheriffs, prosecutors, and judges, stated their personal and professional support for legalizing marijuana in Oregon. In a brief letter, they argued that prohibiting marijuana is too expensive for the taxpayer and wastes of community resources.

Their letter states that instead of wasting time, money, and resources, “police resources should be focused on violent criminals, thieves, and criminal cartels.” These law enforcement personnel cited to how legalization in Colorado and Washington had reduced marijuana use by teens, decreased traffic fatalities, and led to a decline in violent crime. If we legalize marijuana, law enforcement officers and judges can “direct their time towards serious crimes, in accordance with their communities’ wishes.” They went on to say that “treating marijuana as a crime has failed.” The current Seattle Police Chief and a former Colorado judge were among the signatories

Law enforcement officials are not the only government officials favoring Oregon’s legalization measure. Oregon’s governor, John Kitzhaberh, also supports Oregon Measure 91 for legalizing marijuana. In the state’s estimate of financial impact, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) wrote that the approximate revenue from cannabis taxes will range between $17 million and $40 million. This revenue will cover start-up costs incurred by the state and OLCC, with 10% remaining for cities’ law enforcement and an additional 10% to counties’ law enforcement.

These cops and judges and the governor want the Oregon legal system to focus on finding and prosecuting violent and dangerous criminals, and stop wasting time with recreational marijuana users.

That only makes sense. Don’t you agree?