I Say Cannabis Language You Say The Language Of Marijuana. Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off.


Since starting this blog, we have heard countless complaints about the language that we use to describe marijuana and various aspects of the cannabis business. People complain that our use of the word “pot” is a bad idea because it does not convey “seriousness.”  People complain when we use the word “marijuana” because that word was created to stigmatize the drug and its effects. And some have even complained of our using the word cannabis, though we cannot even remember why. And when we use the word canna-business, we get complaints about how it takes marijuana away from “its roots.”

Our policy is not to worry about semantics, and we plan to keep using all of these words as often as we can. We believe that using these words without compunction will eventually strip them of any negative connotations and reveal them for what they are: words that actually neutrally describe what is going on with ever changing public policy, politics, and laws.

With the goal of increasing clarity and commonality of language, below are some more words that have come into the canna-business vernacular (there we go again) that are starting to become of common usage:

Budtender.  The person who helps customers choose their marijuana product and provides it to them. This person is generally to marijuana what a bartender is to alcohol (though budtender is also commonly used in the medical marijuana industry with the same purpose).

Cannabinoid. “Cannabinoids are a class of diverse chemical compounds that act on cannabinoid receptors on cells that repress neurotransmitter release in the brain.” We got this definition from Wikipedia.

Marijuana/Pot/Weed/Cannabis/Reefer/Grass.  Probably the most commonly used terms for cannabis.

For more on marijuana language, check out the following:

What do you think? Cannabis, marijuana, pot, or what? What cannabis related words do you like or not like?

3 responses to “I Say Cannabis Language You Say The Language Of Marijuana. Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off.”

  1. Using anything except the word cannabis is incorrect, and only capitalize (and italicize) the word cannabis if you’re referring to the genus. Period. There’s not debating the issue. By the way you seem to feel (that using the race based word “marijuana”), why not spell it the way the original xenophobes that banned it spelled it: “marihuana”?

    • Obviously, in agreement with part of what is written above, I believe
      the only term which should be used is, ‘Cannabis.’ Why? Exactly for the
      reasons already stated: Cannabis was demonized by Harry Anslinger in the
      attempt to glean popular support through misinformation/disinformtion
      and bigotry.

      Anslinger’s myths were propagated by newspapers across the country which, at the time, were owned by some of the wealthiest stake holders in heavily wooded forests which provided the pulp to make news print paper to line the pockets of these oligarchs. Each was complicit in the criminal lies disseminated around the globe, and which ultimately resulted in Cannabis being placed on the United Nations ‘Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs’ in 1961. Obviously, the subsequent placement of Cannabis as a Schedule I narcotic made it possible for the DOJ and DEA to create a prison industry here in America, the likes of which no other country has known during peace time eras.
      The aspect of misinformation and bigotry on the
      part of Anslinger are the two largest reasons not to use the terms
      “marijuana” and/or “pot.” I am in devout agreement with those who balk
      at the use of said terms. I want nothing whatsoever to do with
      misinformation, disinformation, and bigotry. Too many people have come
      before our current generation to lay the groundwork for the legitimacy
      of Cannabis as medicine. Why would anyone want to knowingly,
      inadvertently, or otherwise denigrate or degrade the trailblazers who
      have come before us all and made so many sacrifices so that some of us
      don’t have to ?
      Why would one not want to consider the semantics? Doing so is a willful disregard for even the smallest considerations in arriving where we have today with the Cannabis industry in Washington.

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