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Last night, the Seattle Seahawks defeated the San Francisco Forty-Niners to secure a spot in the 2014 Super Bowl against none other than its “cannabis sister city’s” NFL team, the Denver Broncos. Though both teams come from the two leading marijuana states, the players will face trouble with the NFL if they’re caught using marijuana (entirely legally) in their respective States.

The day after I-502 and Amendment 64 passed in Washington and Colorado, Greg Aiello, spokesperson for the NFL, told the media that State legalization would not change the league’s policy prohibiting the “illegal use” of marijuana by its players.

Leading sports analysts tell us that the NFL could change its mind regarding marijuana use by its players, especially as more States with NFL teams legalize and decriminalize cannabis use. This makes sense for the NFL since many players have openly admitted to using marijuana for pain management. Former NFL tackle, Lomas Brown, estimate that at least half of the league’s players use marijuana.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell recently got attention during an ESPN.com interview when he left open the possibility of the NFL allowing players to use medical marijuana.

In the meantime, The Canna Law Group fully expects the Seahawks will “smoke” Denver and make all Washingtonians proud. We also cannot resist noting that the NFL has proven right those who claim that cannabis “impacts performance.” GO SEAHAWKS!


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