California Cannabis: Hilary Bricken to Present at Wine and Weed Symposium Tomorrow

Our own Hilary Bricken will have the great pleasure of speaking at the Central Coast Wine and Weed Symposium (presented by the Wine Industry Network) tomorrow, May 10, in San Louis Obispo. While the Symposium will focus on a variety of topics covering the cross section of the wine and cannabis industries, Hilary’s panel will specifically cover “Wineries & Cannabis: What You Can & Can’t Do” in regards to the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (“MAUCRSA”) and its corresponding emergency rules.

The breakdown of Hilary’s panel is as follows:

On January 1st, California finally kicked it off its newly regulated adult use and medical cannabis markets, creating a plethora of business opportunities, some of which will undoubtedly impact the wine industry, both positively and negatively. However, acquiring state licenses and local approval to operate within the confines of the law can be challenging, costly and confusing, as state regulations and tax policies remain a work in progress and local commercial cannabis ordinances are different from one county and city to the next. In addition, with three separate state agencies taking on the comprehensive regulation of all kinds of cannabis businesses, understanding regulations across agencies is of the utmost importance to would-be cannabis entrepreneurs.

This interactive session, featuring leading cannabis legal experts, will address questions regarding what’s permitted and what’s not including but not limited to analyzing distribution restrictions, prohibited products, packaging and labeling, quality assurance standards, consumer protections, brand and advertising restrictions, as well as the overall temporary and annual state licensing, taxation, operational and reporting requirements, and the expected costs of and barriers to entry.

Hilary’s fellow panelists are heavy hitters in their own regard–Amanda Ostrowitz, an attorney, as well as founder and CEO of the very popular CannaRegs, and Rebecca Stamey-White, a partner at Hinman & Carmichael, LLP and a very well known and highly respected alcohol and cannabis regulatory attorney. We expect a lively and interesting discussion: Although the wine and cannabis industries don’t always get along, these two industries have a lot more in common than you might think.

For all your questions about wine and cannabis, as well as specifics regarding the regulatory challenges under MAUCRSA, we sincerely hope you can make it to the Wine & Weed Symposium!