“Big Marijuana” TED Talk On Orcas Island Tomorrow

Big Marijuana? What is it and what encourages it?
Big Marijuana? What is it and what encourages it?

Tomorrow (Saturday) at 2 p.m. at the Orcas Center on Orcas Island, our own Hilary Bricken will be giving a TEDx Talk on the marijuana industry. This year’s topics are the “Best of Both Worlds” and “The Power/Potential in Polarity.” And what could be more polarizing than Big Marijuana? Hilary’s topic is “High Dive? Is State-Legal Marijuana Creating Big Marijuana?”

Hilary’s talk will focus on how the “robust regulation” the federal government requires of the states so as to avoid federal intervention (see Feds on Recreational Cannabis. Let it Be….) can work to help the cannabis industry’s biggest players get even bigger. In her talk, Hilary will first give the legal backdrop between the states and the Feds, and discuss how the two danced with each other since 2009 regarding enforcement of federal drug laws in states with legal marijuana. She will then discuss the Cole Memo, which provides for the Feds to remain at bay in cannabis-legal states that  have robust enough state regulations to govern and contain commercial cannabis activities.

Her talk will then focus on various entities Hilary perceives to have a “Big Marijuana look and feel.”

Hilary then will discuss how the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board is now grappling with the Big Marijuana issue of whether to allow out-of-state investment into Washington’s marijuana marketplace, and whether Washingtonians, should be raddled or excited about that decision. She will conclude by talking about how each state has the power to decide the fate of Big Marijuana and how only time will tell if Big Marijuana (if it does occur) will be better than or merely equal to other “Big” industries in the U.S.

Hilary will be sharing the stage with some really great speakers who are going to cover a variety of fascinating topics. Though online tickets have already sold out, there are still a limited amount of tickets to be available at the door.

We hope to see you there!

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