Alaska TV Reporter Quits Job on Air to Run Cannabis Club Full Time. Read About It On Our Facebook Page

woman giving a news report on marijuanaMost of you probably are already aware of the Alaska Television Reporter who let forth with an on air expletive and then quit her job.  To say this has been getting media play is an understatement. Our Canna Law Blog Facebook page posted on the story early this morning and that post alone has already garnered nearly 500,000 one million views, nearly 1,000 shares and a long page worth of comments. We have pinned the story to the top of our FB page so you can just go there to read more.

Most interestingly, our post on this has generated a robust debate on the post itself as to whether this was an appropriate way for someone to resign and also on whether legalization will be good or bad for society. We urge our readers to check out the discussion and to join in it.

We cannot resist using this as an opportunity to shamelessly plug our Facebook page, which really is an entirely different beast than our blog. We use the facebook page to disseminate the 10-15 most important cannabis related news items each day, from across the United States and sometimes outside it. Our Facebook page is intended to be a news source for those interested in keeping up with all aspects of cannabis, ranging from legal to business to policy to real life impact. Please go here and check it out and “like” us to stay in touch.

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