China Trademark Cancellations: Strategy and Timing

Pre-application trademark searches and post-application notices from the China Trademark Office (CTMO) are increasingly revealing conflicts with preexisting rights (i.e., trademark registrations or pending trademark applications). It’s not surprising, given the vast number of trademarks being filed. See China Still Has Too Many Trademarks. But a cited conflict, whether in a search or from the

China Trademarks: Think Like a Chinese Consumer.

Until a few years ago, English language trademarks were relatively easy to secure in China. We would figure out the right trademark category or categories under China’s trademarking system, we would pick the right class (or classes) and the right subclass (or subclasses) and then we would get approval from the China Trademark Office to

China’s New Trademark Environment

Registering trademarks in China has become essential for doing business in China. We have long advocated prompt China trademark registration with our clients. For companies that manufacture and export from China, registration of the English language trademark is essential. For companies that sell products and services in China, registration of the existing English language marks

International Trademark Protection in a Global Marketplace

Trademarks are among the most important assets of any company. Naturally, then, most companies want to protect these essential and valuable assets to the greatest extent possible and therefore make sure they are registered as trademarks within their own country. But too many companies stop there, thinking their job complete. It does not occur to

Don’t Sleep on Your China Trademark

George Santayana once said: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”? Although the line was not about Chinese trademark law, it might as well have been. We have been beating the drum for years about registering trademarks in China (see here and here for a representative sample), but every time I start

China Trademark Theft. It’s Baaaaaack in a Big Way

China trademark theft is on the rise Everything China comes in waves and China trademark “theft” is no different. When we first started this blog way back in 2006, we would get about a call a week from someone — usually a U.S. company — wanting us to sue a Chinese company blocking the American

Cannabis Trademark Litigation: Woodstock Case Shows Limits of Federal Trademark Protection

We’ve written extensively about the trademark protection strategies employed by cannabis businesses in light of the challenges they face to obtain federal trademark registrations for their cannabis goods and services. Recently, a court order in a motion for preliminary injunction involving the use of the famous WOODSTOCK mark raised some issues related to those strategies,

How And Why To Trademark In China

1. On the Importance of China Trademark Registrations If you are doing business in or with China you should give serious thought to registering your trademarks in China. In particular, you should consider a China trademark registration for your trade-name, your logo and your service marks. Brand identity is critical for success in China (as