Cannabis Businesses Laws: It’s Almost All Local

Cannabis businesses far too often come to one of our cannabis lawyers after they’ve opened their doors in violation of applicable local laws. Making matters worse is that they never learn of their violation by poring over their city or county code in their spare time; they find out by being on the wrong end of a

China’s Coronavirus Solution: More Government Control Trumps More Medicine

In the face of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, Xi Jinping went into hiding. From January 28 to February 5, he made no public appearances. He briefly appeared on February 5 and promptly disappeared again. We would have expected that during his brief appearance Mr. Xi would make a stirring speech about leading China in a

Oregon Marijuana and the Local Option — It’s Alive

When HB 3400 passed, I wrote that Oregon’s new recreational marijuana law looks pretty good for anyone living west of the Cascades. That is because the bill famously allows any city or county in Oregon to ban commercial marijuana activity only if 55 percent or more of the county’s voters opposed Measure 91 for marijuana

China FDI: Beware of Local Governments Bearing Gifts

Recent news reports suggest Foxconn is having trouble securing investment benefits promised by the Zhengzhou government. The rumor is Foxconn was lured to Zhengzhou with promises of over 5 billion RMB in tax benefits and related incentives. These incentives were granted in direct opposition to central government policy. Beijing found out and laid down the

In California, Local Jurisdictions Are Taking On Residency Requirements Themselves

To the excitement of many, California’s Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MCRSA) does not include a residency requirement akin to those we’ve seen in other states, like Washington. Though in theory this could change, such an about face is unlikely given the proposed rules that dropped a few weeks ago. And though Chapter 5, Section

Oregon Marijuana And The Local Rules: NOW Is The Time To Get It Right

Cannabis rule-making in Oregon is all local right now as the state’s cities and counties consider the relationship they wish to have with Oregon’s newest crop. We have written about some of these local developments here, here, here, here and here. At times it seems like everything is happening everywhere all at once and none

China Cybersecurity Laws and Law Enforcement: Content and Control

We are watching you….   One of the things I love about being back in Seattle are the opportunities to meet with people passing through from Asia. Just this month I met with people I’ve known forever from China, Vietnam, Thailand and Japan, all of whom were “passing through Seattle” on 1-3 week U.S. trips.

North Las Vegas Finalizes its Local Marijuana Rules

In keeping with a municipal-control trend in Nevada, the City of North Las Vegas recently finalized and released its local medical marijuana rules, and those rules are just as onerous as the ones we saw in the City of Las Vegas. Many people are learning the hard way that in a state like Nevada, where

ICYMI: Los Angeles Amends Local Commercial Cannabis Regulations

It’s no secret that the City of Los Angeles has struggled with implementing its commercial cannabis program under the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Act (“MAUCRSA“). The licensing of existing medical marijuana dispensaries (“EMMDs”) under Measure M has been a slow and opaque process, but Los Angeles is committed to the success of its cannabis program