United States Patent and Trademark Office, federal agency that, among other things, issues patents and trademark registrations. 

Use Permit

Discretionary land use approvals issued by municipalities that allow construction on or uses of a specific parcel or structure of property, where such uses are not allowed as a matter of right or where such discretionary approvals are required by law.

Universal Symbol

A design or image that conveys a commonly and widely recognized message. Many states require universal symbols to be affixed to cannabis good packaging.

United States v. McIntosh

2016 Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals case holding that the federal government could not prevent the implementation of state laws authorizing individuals from using, distributing, possession or cultivating marijuana, due to Congressional restraints on spending. 

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

Federal agency that oversees, among other things, naturalization applications. The USCIS determined that use of marijuana or participation in state-legal marijuana programs still constitutes a conditional bar to good moral character determinations for naturalization eligibility.