U.S. Real Estate for Overseas Investors: The How To Videos

The United States remains a fundamentally attractive real estate market. At the same time, given the complexity of US law, with its multiple jurisdictions (e.g. federal, state and municipal), as well as real estate regulations that can differ by region, careful planning and counsel is important for all U.S.-bound real estate investors. There is much more to real estate investment than taxation; successful investors must be well-informed about the operational and legal contexts relevant to their investments, and they need sound legal advice every step of the way when they’re making decisions.

In the videos below, Harris Bricken real estate and foreign direct investment (FDI) attorneys Jonathan Bench, Simon Malinowski and Vince Sliwoski, along with Steve Chianglin explain the basic concepts foreign investors should understand before investing in U.S. real estate.

These videos cover the following topics:

1. Why Invest in the U.S. Real Estate Market?

2. Choosing the Best Advisors: Real Estate Agents, Bankers, Accountants, Architects, Contractors, Insurance Agents and Attorneys

3. How to Identify and Value Potential Properties

4. Forming a Purchasing Entity and Banking in the U.S.

5. Forming an Investment Group

6. Common Issues and Suggested Solutions

You can find the videos for these webinars per the below:

1. U.S. Real Estate for Overseas Investors. WATCH HERE

2. Urban Real Estate Development for Overseas Investors. WATCH HERE

3. Retail and Multi-Family Real Estate Development for Overseas Investors. WATCH HERE