Protecting Your Brand from Infringing Imports: The Webinar Replay

Harris Sliwoski International Attorneys Robert Kossick and Fred Rocafort recently presented a CLE webinar with Alt Legal, titled: Of Particular Import Protecting Brands from Infringing Imports. Robert and Fred addressed issues at the intersection of trademark protection and international trade, including how brand owners can record their marks with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to help enforce their intellectual property and how international trademark registrations are critical for strengthening brand defenses against counterfeits and other forms of infringement.

They also discussed the following:

  • The dangers of infringing activity overseas—and what CBP and the U.S. Government are doing about it
  • Infringement levels recognized by CBP and how the agency handles each
  • What happens when CBP finds a potentially infringing good at the border
  • The process for recording trademarks with CBP
  • Protections in sales markets and manufacturing locations abroad

To see the full webinar, go HERE.

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