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State Law Differences in the U.S.

The differences between U.S. state laws can be considerable. For many observers from abroad, this is one of the most striking features of the American legal system. Understanding these differences is key for the success of foreign businesses that want to establish a presence in the United States. One key consideration is taxes. Most states

challenges of sourcing 5 key industrial components in mexico

Webinar: Challenges of Sourcing 5 Key Industrial Components in Mexico featuring Fred Rocafort

Register HERE! Join Harris Bricken attorney Fred Rocafort for a discussion hosted by East West Associates that will address the challenges of sourcing these 5 key industrial components from Mexico: Aluminum extrusion Castings & machined parts Forgings Metal stampings & Fabrication Injection molded & extruded plastics East West Associates will lead a Roundtable Discussion with

Jihee Ahn

Jihee Ahn Named One of Law360’s Rising Stars of 2022

Harris Bricken attorney Jihee Ahn has been named one of Law360’s Rising Stars of 2022. Jihee was one of five attorneys named in the International Arbitration category, and one of only 176 attorneys honored nationwide. Each year, Law360 highlights attorneys under 40 whose career accomplishments distinguish them from their peers. The annual Rising Stars list

Structuring International Contracts Choice of Law

Upcoming CLE Webinar on Structuring International Contracts

Register HERE! Join Harris Bricken attorney Jonathan Bench for a live 90-minute CLE webinar on structuring international contracts with an interactive Q&A. “This CLE course will guide counsel to companies doing business internationally on key considerations when structuring international contracts. The panel will discuss core contract provisions and offer strategies for addressing and minimizing the risks

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Upcoming CLE Webinar on DAOs, Blockchain and Smart Contracts

REGISTER HERE Join Harris Bricken attorney Jonathan Bench for a live 90-minute CLE webinar on DAOs, Blockchain and Smart Contracts with an interactive Q&A. “This CLE course will discuss this emerging new form of organization, the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), and how blockchain and smart contracts permit this novel form of governance structure. The panel

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Dear Elon Musk: “The Law” Is Different In Every Jurisdiction

Unless you just returned from weeks of trekking the jungles of Borneo, you know that Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk has made an offer to buy Twitter for about $43 billion. The chattering classes are divided on what this may mean for their favorite communications medium, and unsurprisingly, Musk himself has weighed in. Responding

Europe Day

Happy Europe Day

To all of our friends, colleagues, and clients in or from Europe, and everyone else as well, we wish you all a Happy Europe Day. May peace — a just and lasting one — return to Europe as soon as possible.