FREE Webinar – Planning Cannabis in Our Communities

FREE Webinar – Planning Cannabis in Our Communities

Register HERE! Join Hilary Bricken and Professor Van Butsic of University of California – Berkeley for a FREE Lunch and Learn event on Thursday, April 15th from 12PT- 1:30 PT. The panel will discuss environmental impacts, policy, licensing implications, and other important considerations for local governments and communities.   This Lunch and Learn event is

Buy Real Estate in Mexico as a Foreigner

How to Buy Real Estate in Mexico as a Foreigner

The US-China trade war has vaulted Mexico far past China as a U.S. trading partner, and as global companies seek to diversify their supply chains, Mexico offers proximity to U.S. markets, modern infrastructure, access to ports for global distribution and a highly skilled, well-educated workforce. Mexico’s USD1.3 trillion economy is the second-largest in Latin America

International Company Do Banking in the U.S.

How Does My International Company Do Banking in the U.S.?

It can be difficult and confusing for an international company to determine the best way to engage in banking in the U.S. We know that because it is even confusing for certain types of U.S. companies to determine who to bank with. In the U.S., banking is not limited to traditional large international banks. Credit

Biden-Harris Offers a Chance for an Immigration

Biden-Harris Offers a Chance for an Immigration Reset, Part 4

This is part 4 of a series of blog posts on the likely implications of a Biden Presidency on U.S. immigration policy. Read the first post here. Read the second post here. Read the third post here.   Last week, President Biden signed three executive orders on immigration. The first aims to reunite migrant parents who were separated


Tighter Controls for Foreign Direct Investments in Spain

By means of a series of emergency decrees the legislature significantly limited the original principle of liberal investment politics in Spain just before summer. Recently, new restrictions entered into force. In Royal Decree-Law 34/2020, of 17 November, effective 19 November, the Spanish government yet again tightened control mechanisms for foreign investment in Spain. Our partner

Worldwide E­Commerce Site

How to Set Up A Worldwide E­Commerce Site – A Legal Checklist

What are the legal issues involved in selling product worldwide over the internet? The following questions make up an initial checklist for companies looking to sell their products internationally over the internet. 1. What type of legal entity(ies) are you going to want? Where will you want them? These two questions must be answered in

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WSBA Event – Counseling Your First Cannabis Client: Marijuana vs. Hemp, State vs. Feds, and Other Key Issues

Join Harris Bricken attorneys, Jonathan Bench, Alison Malsbury, and Fred Rocafort as they discuss counseling your first cannabis client during this WSBA CLE-approved webinar. Get an overview of current issues, including: the legal framework of cannabis regulation, with particular emphasis on federal-state tension; the intellectual property issues faced by cannabis companies; the impact of cannabis

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Biden Inauguration Marks A Return to Predictability for U.S.-bound Investors

The inauguration of President Joe Biden will undoubtedly mark the start of a new era in foreign direct investment in the United States. The U.S. has for a long time been the world’s largest recipient of foreign direct investment (FDI), but the unpredictable legislative and regulatory environment of the past four years (see here, here,