Immigration Litigation, How and Why it Works. 


In this webinar, Harris Bricken attorneys Akshat Divatia, Tom Oster, and Jack Scrantom, will discuss the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) as a tool for seeking relief in Federal Courts against US immigration authorities.

US immigration authorities have become increasingly unreasonable, and both temporary and permanent immigrant visa petitioners and beneficiaries regularly face a government that engages in unreasonable delays, incorrect applications of the law, and failures to follow procedures. Seeking relief in Federal Court is often the only means to resolve these issues.

Harris Bricken’s immigration litigation team will discuss the successful resolution of a lawsuit against the government and use that case to highlight the utility of APA litigation in the immigration context.


Key Takeaways:

• The rise in immigration lawsuits, and why they work.

• Can USCIS retaliate against the plaintiff?

• The necessity of obtaining the cooperation of visa sponsors.

• The legal basis for suing immigration agencies.

• Keys to building a strong case.

• Timeline and procedures of an APA lawsuit.

• Key steps to obtaining early relief.

• Navigating inter-agency politics and dynamics within the federal government.


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