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The large-scale shift to telework brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic is prompting businesses around the world to explore new avenues to engage with clients and friends. Harris Bricken is no exception, and we are proud to announce our new podcast series: Global Law and Business, hosted by international attorneys Fred Rocafort and Jonathan Bench.

Every Thursday, we’ll take a bite-sized look at legal and economic developments in locales around the world as we try to decipher global trends in law and business with the help of our international guests. No topic is too big, too small, too simple, or too complicated. We plan to cover continents, countries, regimes, governance, finances, legal developments, and whatever is trending on Twitter. We want your suggestions on topics you want us to cover and the people you want to hear from.

In Episode #3, we discuss East Africa with John Brittell, Managing Partner of Amani Partners. We cover:

  • East Africa as an economic unit that represents Africa’s fourth strongest GDP behind Nigeria, South Africa, and Egypt.
  • The key industries and sectors to consider when doing business in East Africa.
  • Cultural differences to keep in mind when doing business in East Africa.
  • East Africa’s main trading partners, including China’s increasing presence and the Chinese community’s response to COVID-19 relief efforts.
  • An insider’s viewpoint on doing business with typical domestic companies in East Africa.
  • The local regulatory environment and how it impacts business.
  • Resources for foreign companies that want to establish a presence in East Africa.
  • What we’re reading right now, with suggestions from John Brittell (The State of Africa by Martin Meredith, Africa Beyond Aid by The Brenthurst Foundation, and The Future of Management by Gary Hammill), Jonathan (The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas), and Fred (Ghost Train to the Eastern Star by Paul Theroux).

If you have comments on this episode or if you’d like to suggest topics for future episodes, please email globallawbiz@harrisbricken.com. And please follow us on social media to stay informed on upcoming guests and topics:

We’ll see you next Thursday for another discussion on the global business environment, this time with our guest Geetha Kandiah, who will discuss intellectual property rights (IPR) protection in Southeast Asia.