Mexico Trademarks: What You Need to Know

Mexico Trademarks: What You Need to Know

Globalization has taught businesspeople many things, including the importance of protecting their intellectual property in the markets in which they operate (or are planning to operate). For brand owners, intellectual property of course includes trademarks, and over the past few decades many companies have learned to their dismay that their trademarks have been registered in

Mexican Mobile Users Database (PANAUT) - Video Update

Mexican Mobile Users Database (PANAUT): A Mini-Webinar

Join Harris Bricken Mexico attorney, Adrián Cisneros Aguilar, as he discusses Mexico’s new government database containing all mobile user’s comprehensive sensitive and personal data, its real implications for foreign and domestic organizations and individuals, and what you can do about it before the May 31st deadline. The deadline is quickly approaching. Contact us if you

How to Form a Company in Mexico as a Foreigner

How to Form a Company in Mexico as a Foreigner

A foreign company entering Mexico must decide on the form of business entity it will use to conduct its Mexico operations. There are three options: Representative office, which cannot enter into legal transactions in Mexico but can promote the products or services of the foreign company, or conduct activities such as market research; Branch office,

Mexico Database

ATENCIÓN! IMPORTANTE! The Mexican Government Has a New Database, And They Want You In It

On April 16, amendments and additions to Mexico’s Federal Telecommunications and Radio Broadcasting Law (the “Telecommunications Law”) were published in the Federal Official Gazette. Importantly, the publication creates the National Mobile Phone Users Database (Padrón Nacional de Usuarios de Telefonía Móvil, or “PANAUT” in Spanish), which is to be operated by the Federal Telecommunications Institute

Buy Real Estate in Mexico as a Foreigner

How to Buy Real Estate in Mexico as a Foreigner

The US-China trade war has vaulted Mexico far past China as a U.S. trading partner, and as global companies seek to diversify their supply chains, Mexico offers proximity to U.S. markets, modern infrastructure, access to ports for global distribution and a highly skilled, well-educated workforce. Mexico’s USD1.3 trillion economy is the second-largest in Latin America