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The 2022 World Cup at Harris Bricken

The 2022 World Cup kicks off on November 20 in Qatar. With 32 teams from around the globe vying for the title, passions will be riding high at our very international law firm. Here’s who we’ll be supporting at Harris Bricken, broken down by groups. Group A: Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands We don’t really have

arbitration versus litigation

Arbitrations – Worth the Supposed Savings?

When I was starting my career as a lawyer in the early 2000s, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) became very popular. ADR includes mediation and arbitration. During that time in my career, I was working mostly on transactional matters and some of the senior lawyers told me it could be legal malpractice not to at least

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Bankruptcy Basics – Executory Contracts and Ipso Facto Clauses

In this post, I will discuss executory contracts and ipso facto clauses. These are both important basic concepts for bankruptcy proceedings, especially Chapter 11 proceedings (commonly known as a “reorganization” as opposed to a “liquidation” under Chapter 7). 1. Executory Contracts Though the name may sound daunting, an executory contract is simply a contract that

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Recessions, Bankruptcy, and Preference Actions

Ongoing economic turmoil makes now the right time to discuss U.S. bankruptcies and preference actions. In the United States and much of the world, inflation is running out of control and there are asset bubbles everywhere you look – housing, real estate in general, used and new cars, and so on. Between the war in

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GOOD Guys: Law Firm Leaders Edition; The Video

On September 23, 2021, Harris Bricken partner, Vince Sliwoski spoke on the GOOD Guys: Law Firm Leaders Edition panel. GOOD Guys (Guys Overcoming Obstacles to Diversity) is a program created by the National Conference of Women’s Bar Associations to enlist male leaders in efforts to ensure that businesses are experiencing all of the financial and