Matthew Schwartz

Matthew Schwartz represents developers, property owners, architects, engineers and contractors in both litigation and transactional matters. In litigation, he has a great deal of experience representing clients in contractual disputes arising from lease agreements and contracts of sale, as well as a variety of construction-related matters, including, those arising from damages or defect claims, adjacent property access, project delays and breach of contract. Advising clients on transactions, he is known for his work drafting and negotiating access agreements on behalf of developers and adjacent property owners.

New York City Scaffolding Laws

Lawmakers Aim to Curb New York City’s Scaffolding Problem

A new package of bills has been introduced by several New York City Council Members, including the New York City Council Majority Leader Keith Powers, to address the plight that is unique to New York City – the eyesore of the city’s more than 280 miles of scaffolding, known as “sidewalk sheds”. If you aren’t

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New York City Construction License Agreements: Scope of Access and Protections

As every New York City real estate developer knows, obtaining access to neighboring properties to install legally mandated construction safety protections required by the New York City Department of Buildings (the “DOB“) can be a convoluted and expensive process. Though this may seem like a minor issue in the context of a real estate development project, promptly (and correctly)