Jonathan Bench

Jonathan is chair of Harris Bricken’s corporate practice group, where he helps public and private companies with international and domestic business transactions. His clientele includes companies from Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Jonathan has worked and consulted in the U.S., Asia, and South America and is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese.

He is an emerging blockchain legal expert and enjoys developing international legal strategies with promising web3 projects.

China manufacturing lawyer

Seeking Manufacturing Market Stability in China and Beyond

Recently I spoke with an entrepreneur in my hometown who is sourcing packaging in China for his startup. This post contains his questions and my answers, together with additional questions from a number of my prior speaking engagements. What advice do you have regarding dealing with sourcing in China in the current environment? Recognize Your

China and Web3

Dealing with the Web3 Crypto Winter: Winners and Losers

For the past many months, I have taken a few calls and meetings each week from web3 entrepreneurs and others involved in the blockchain industry, such as lawyers and accountants whose clients need special expertise. As a transactional attorney, I get a unique perspective on the blockchain industry because I am generally on the front

International business lawyer

Doing Business Internationally: The Legal and Tax Effects

You should involve an international business lawyer and an international accountant or CPA as soon as you begin thinking about expanding abroad to a new market. Many lawyers and accountants would prefer to have a 20 minute conversation at your early stage to help you avoid many obvious and immediate issues rather than receive a frantic call six months later when you have run into trouble. You should get comfortable with asking these types of questions as early as possible.

US China business

Some Hope For the Future After Meeting China’s #3 Diplomat in the U.S.

Recently, I was fortunate to attend a World Trade Center Utah event attended by Minister Jing Quan, the number three-ranking Chinese diplomat in the U.S. This was the first visit by a high-ranking Chinese official since the imposition of the “Trump tariffs”, after which a massive delegation of Chinese officials descended on Salt Lake City

China and Web3

China’s Blockchain Developments and Opportunities

Blockchain technologies are inherently international, and China has had its share of news lately. I have spoken on China and web3 from both business and national security perspectives. These new technologies present challenges and opportunities both inside and outside China. This post focuses on the for-profit blockchain developments and opportunities in China.

Doing business in China

Who is Still Doing Business in China?

For the past several months we have been engaged in many transactions relating to China with companies still doing business in China. These companies recognize both the business opportunities and the business risks. (Those who do not fully understand the risks are still doing their business deals without the help of a lawyer on the front end, which means we usually hear from them when something has gone wrong.)

Stop sign no deal

Why China Deals Do NOT Get Done

We have put the kibosh on many China-related deals, and that is what this post is about, especially in this environment with financially distressed companies popping up all around thanks to the trade war and Covid. For ease of explanation and to camouflage the identities of those involved, I have amalgamated a bunch of them into one. This scenario is incredibly typical, including the retirement of the owner precipitating the need for the deal.