Jack Scrantom

Jack coordinates the firm’s cannabis business practice in Washington State, by assisting clients in navigating the complex licensing and regulatory system created by Initiative 502. He has counseled numerous companies through compliance and transactional issues including M&A, license transfers, real estate financing, distribution agreements, and goods and services agreements. In addition to his cannabis practice, Jack also advises clients on a wide range of matters at the intersection of business and immigration, including specialty investment and employment visa issues and administrative advocacy.

washington psilocybin

Washington Psilocybin Bill Awaits Governor’s Approval

Washington’s House and Senate have both approved the “Washington Psilocybin Services Act” (SB 5263) and the bill awaits Governor Jay Inslee’s signature. Psilocybin is a schedule I drug under the federal Controlled Substances Act and is the psychoactive or “hallucinogenic” component of magic mushrooms. Washington appears set to follow in the footsteps of Oregon and