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Europe Day

Happy Europe Day

To all of our friends, colleagues, and clients in or from Europe, and everyone else as well, we wish you all a Happy Europe Day. May peace — a just and lasting one — return to Europe as soon as possible.    

Doing Business with a High Risk China TODAY

A Live Discussion on Doing Business With a High Risk China

Register HERE! China has become high risk. In just the last couple of months, China has changed and doing business with China has reached another level of risk. Unprecedented multilateral sanctions have been placed on Russia and there is talk about extending some or all of those sanctions to China. Even if the EU and

What IP Rights Are Present in NFTs

What IP Rights are Present in NFTs?

Harris Bricken attorneys Jonathan Bench and Fred Rocafort sat down again to discuss Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) and the legal issues common to their creation and transfer. Check out the last conversations HERE and HERE. A transcription of this talk can be found below. NFTs inherently contain some copyright rights in digital information, but they do not automatically confer