Griffen Thorne

Griffen is an attorney in Harris Bricken’s Los Angeles office, where he focuses his practice on corporate, transactional, intellectual property, data security, regulatory, and litigation matters across a wide variety of domestic and international industries.

cannabis triple net lease

Triple Net Cannabis Leases

One of the most common commercial cannabis lease structures is what is commonly referred to as a “triple net” or “NNN” lease. Triple net cannabis leases allow landlords to pass on nearly all operational costs associated with a property to a tenant, which can be a big benefit for both landlords and tenants. Today, I’ll

lawyer cannabis business sale

The Role of a Lawyer in Cannabis Deals

From startups to multi-state operators, most cannabis businesses will engage legal counsel at some point. All of these companies – but especially smaller ones or less experienced ones – need to grapple with the question of what the role of a lawyer in cannabis deals will be. This can be a difficult question to answer.

cannabis enforcement or compliance

Enforcement or Compliance

The War on Drugs was a failure. It did not stop the drug trade. It just grew the prison system. The War on Cannabis continues through aggressive state and local enforcement and prohibition measures with no end in sight. And we have a massive illicit market. This is all very bad and we collectively need

terminate cannabis contract

How to Terminate a Cannabis Contract

In the cannabis industry, many relationships don’t last. One of the top questions our cannabis lawyers get is “how do I terminate my cannabis contract”? Despite clear contract termination provisions, terminating a cannabis contract can be a very difficult. Today, I’ll examine how cannabis contracts can be terminated. Contract termination provisions The first place I

cannabis contract notice and cure

Notice and Cure Provisions

Here’s a scenario our cannabis lawyers and litigation team have experienced countless times: A client calls and wants to take immediate action for breach of a cannabis contract. They want to terminate the contract. Or evict a tenant. Or file a lawsuit. The first question I always ask these clients is whether the contract contains

cannabis company governance

Is Cannabis Corporate Governance Important?

Ask any good lawyer the question, “is cannabis corporate governance important?” The answer will be a resounding yes. So why is it often ignored? Why do so many cannabis businesses treat governance as a box to tick on a checklist just once? Here’s a fact pattern our cannabis attorneys have seen time and time again:

cannabis marijuana pun

Can We All Cool It with the Cannabis Puns Please?

I recently received a random marketing email in which I was greeted with the word “high” in place of the word “hi”. My first reaction was a long, visceral cringe. My second was the thought, “hey, if I – just a lowly cannabis industry lawyer and not an actual cannabis industry stakeholder – am so

Here's How MDMA Will be Regulated

Here’s How MDMA Will be Regulated

Cannabis is legal and regulated in most U.S. states. Oregon legalized and will soon regulate psilocybin. Cities around the country decriminalized (and more are decriminalizing) a host of other psychedelics. Ketamine clinics are popping up around the county. Next up is MDMA (referred to in some forms as “ecstasy”). Today, we’re going to talk about

israel cannabis marijuana

Cannabis in Israel: An Update

When it comes to medical cannabis, Israel has long been among the leading nations in the world. You can read a post I wrote about Israel’s achievements on that front, both in terms of legality and actual research, here. But despite its deep history with medical cannabis, the country still does not permit legal sales

fedearl cannabis legalization marijuana congress

Federal Cannabis Legalization is Not Happening Anytime Soon

Since California passed the Compassionate Use Act in 1996, there have always been folks who insist that federal legalization is right around that corner. As more and more states decriminalized and then regulated cannabis, the ranks of people who believe federal legalization is imminent has grown exponentially. Recently, when Joe Biden won the presidency, it