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A Good China Contract? Of Course You Want One.

A post we did on China NNN Agreements many years ago received the following comment, which comment was sent to me by a reader this weekend along with a bunch of similar and additional followup questions: Your posts on NNN are beyond a shadow of a doubt “the most fascinating and informative” articles on nondisclosure

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China Law Blog on Social Media

A lot is happening these days in and with China and around the world. Obviously. Earlier last year, much of our legal work centered around helping our clients deal with the US-China trade war. That truly feels like ages ago, as today our international lawyers have been consumed with helping companies (and NGOs and even

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Cease and Desist Letters to Stop International Counterfeiting

Hardly a week goes by without a company contacting one of our international IP lawyers wanting to retain us to “stop the counterfeits” of their products online and offline. Far too often these people believe one of our IP lawyers can within 24 hours send out a “template” cease and desist letter and within another 24

Online China trademark registrations

Online China Trademark Registration Services: DO NOT USE

Once or twice a month, my law firm’s international trademark lawyers have been contacted by companies whose China trademark registrations were botched by an online trademark service. In all instances, the trademark registration problems stemmed from online trademark services that purport to be able to register trademarks pretty much anywhere in the world, including China.

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How to Handle China’s Rising Risks

Way back in 2012, I wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal, entitled, China’s Slowdown and American Business: Hardly a week goes by without complaints about payment problems or bankrupt debtors. I wrote a similar article for Forbes Magazine in 2014, entitled, How Businesses Should Deal With China’s Economic Slowdown. I summed up that

International IP Protection

WHEN to Start Protecting Your IP Internationally

A client of ours sent me a 2015 article by Case Engelen (a leading international electronic designer) the other day, entitled Kickstarter Prototype to Production: $100K is not Enough, and asked whether I agreed with it. I most certainly do. The article provides a list of compelling reasons why getting an electronics product manufactured in

International manufacturing agreements

China Manufacturing: It’s All About the Contract

I saw this headline and I could not resist reading the article by the Moneyist on MarketWatch: “I bought a store for $80K. It quadrupled in value. My friend gave $7K for the purchase and $6.7K for repairs. Does he get back 4 times both investments?” I could not resist because it is so similar

International Manufacturing Lawyers and NNN Agreements

Getting the Companies Straight When Manufacturing Overseas

One of my law firm’s international manufacturing lawyers got this email the other day, which is actually an incredibly typical one, both for China and for various other leading manufacturing countries (such as Taiwan, Thailand, Mexico, Poland, Vietnam, India, etc.): I am inquiring if I could ask you a question if I may, as we

Chinese Company Culture

Thirteen Reasons Why Chinese Companies So Often Fail Outside China

Way back in 2010, I wrote Ten Reasons Chinese Companies Fail In The U.S. for Forbes Magazine. Then in 2015, I did a blog post on the same topic, entitled Top Ten Reasons Chinese Companies Fail in America My top ten list in that article was as follows: 1. Chinese companies focus on a Chinese

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How to Reduce Your Foreign Manufactured Product Liability Risks

How often do you stop to think about the ubiquitous “Made in China” label? If you are buying products from China, you should think about this all the time. The same holds true if you are buying your products from any third party manufacturer anywhere. To convince recalcitrant clients of the need for product liability