Arlo Kipfer


Your China Risk Factors in These Tense Times

China is (again) in the midst of a concerted government crackdown against foreign companies doing business in China. And if that is not bad enough, if your country has been deemed by China to have disrespected it by speaking out against forced labor or enhancing diplomatic relations with Taiwan, your own expatriate staff themselves may

So You Want to Start an International School? Legal Structure and Local Partner

Demand for English-based and Western-style education is still running high in many countries around the world. An ever-increasing number of wealthy locals want to prepare their children to attend elite universities abroad and this has created clear demand for suitable schools. However, starting a private school in a foreign country is actually very difficult even

China Foreign Company Compliance in These Tough Times

You’ve heard the message. As tensions continue rising between China and the West, now is the time to get your China house in order. Why? Because doing so will result in one less huge weakness for the Chinese government to exploit against you. You can count on it because when the Chinese economy or society

China WFOE

Foreign Schools in China: The Legal 101

Many years ago, we helped a foreign school “conglomerate” set up a number of schools in China and due to “word of mouth” we have been getting calls and emails regarding China school set-ups ever since. Many of those communications come from ESL teachers who see a need and want to fill it, but truth