Adams Lee has more than twenty years’ experience providing strategic advice and legal guidance on complex international trade and administrative regulatory matters to US and foreign companies, trade associations, and foreign governments. He advises companies in a broad range of industries on international trade remedy and trade policy issues.

Adams brings a wealth of knowledge to Harris Bricken’s international trade practice. He is adept at quickly evaluating strategic options and developing the best comprehensive legal approach in light of relevant policy and case law. Beyond achieving significant DOC and ITC results that improve his clients’ competitive position, Adams helps them understand complex trade issues so they can make well-informed business decisions.

import marijuana seeds

Can I Import Marijuana Seeds to the U.S.?

We’ve recently received a number of inquiries about whether it is legal to import marijuana seeds into the United States. These are seeds derived from marijuana plants that have a THC content less than 0.3%, but when planted will germinate into marijuana plants that have a THC content more than 0.3%.  The seeds themselves have

drug paraphernalia

Importing “Drug Paraphernalia” after Eteros and Keirton

Many thanks for all who attended our December 1 webinar on “Cannabis and International Trade Issues 2022.” The event was hosted by the National Customs Broker and Freight Forwarders Association of America Educational Institute (NEI). We received many questions from the audience that we were not able to get to. We plan to cover some of

marijuana inflation

Is Cannabis Inflation Proof?

Inflation has been dominating the headlines lately. Prices for gasoline, food (e.g., beef, bacon, eggs), used cars and many other items have spiked over the past year. It seems like there is always breaking news of the latest shortages – baby formula, tampons, eggs, semiconductors, sriracha, lumber, bicycles, etc. Cannabis, however, has seemingly been immune

international cannabis trade

Notes on the International Cannabis Trade

As the international trade of cannabis gets closer to a reality, it will become important for companies in the cannabis industry to better understand how U.S. trade laws can be used by domestic producers to try to protect their US market position against import competition. Similarly, US importers and foreign producers and exporters may soon need to understand how AD/CVD cases can disrupt any plans to export to the US market and what options they may have to respond to such actions.

canna law blog

U.S. Cannabis and International Trade: Never the Twain Shall Meet?

Recently, we’ve been getting tons of questions from clients regarding the international import and export of marijuana around the globe. 2018 was a historic year for the cannabis industry not just in the United States, but also internationally. Canada legalized recreational marijuana for the entire country. Many countries (e.g., Thailand, New Zealand, Mexico, Lithuania, U.K.) took

canna law blog

Cannabis, Tariffs and Vaping Imports from China

Like so many other U.S. industries, the U.S. vaping industry is now in the crosshairs of a 25% tariff on products imported from China. The first two waves of President Trump’s proposed tariffs against China covered about $50 billion worth of Chinese products but they did not include any vaping products. After China retaliated and