Adrián Cisneros Aguilar

Adrián oversees Harris Bricken’s Mexico practice, where he helps companies on US-Mexico cross border legal matters, including cannabis law matters, Latin American and European companies on China and International Law issues, and local companies with international and domestic business transactions. Adrian is also an integral part of our Latin America desk and a regular contributor to the award-winning China Law and Canna Law blogs. In addition to his work at Harris Bricken, Adrián also teaches law and business at Universidad Anáhuac, one of Mexico’s most prestigious universities and heads up an international consultancy for SMEs and governments looking to set up and operate effectively in Mexico or Asia.

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¡Vamos! Mexican Supreme Court Unanimously Clears the Path for Hemp

Yesterday, the Mexican Supreme Court ruled several provisions unconstitutional in the General Health Law and the Federal Criminal Code, because they prohibit cultivation of ≤1% THC cannabis for non-medical or research purposes. The Court ruled that unconstitutionality derives from the provisions violating the protected freedom to work and to trade. The ruling followed the Court’s

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Top Misconceptions About Cannabis in Mexico, Part 3

In this multipart series, we debunk various incorrect ideas, impressions and rumors we continue to hear about the Mexico cannabis industry and the road to legalization. Here are Part 1 and Part 2. Are you getting something wrong about cannabis in Mexico? Keep reading! Legalization is only about allowing people to grow/smoke weed. Nothing could

The Mexican Senate Disappointed Us By Refusing to Consider Recreational Cannabis Legislation; Here’s What We Think Cannabis Businesses Should Do Now

The Mexican Senate Disappointed Us By Refusing to Consider Recreational Cannabis Legislation: Here’s What Cannabis Businesses Should Do Now

In my last post I reported the Mexican Senate’s refusal in its just-ended legislative session to address the Supreme Court’s 2018 directive to pass reforms legalizing recreational use of cannabis. Unless you are a Mexican Senator or Supreme Court Justice, you probably don’t have too many levers you can pull to speed the implementation of

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Cannabis in Mexico: It Ain’t Over Till the Fat Mariachi Sings

I am writing this now, a month after the Mexican Senate virtually ignored (yes, ignored) the social and business mandate to regulate recreational and industrial cannabis. Yes, it took me almost a whole month to calm myself enough so as to write a post that did not sound like a mere rant. Do not get

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Top Misconceptions About Cannabis in Mexico, Part 2

In Part 1 of this multipart series, we debunked various incorrect ideas, impressions and rumors we repeatedly hear in the Mexico cannabis practice. In this post, we will address five additional, common misconceptions, in order to help guide a healthy discussion on the real status of cannabis legalization in Mexico. Do the following misconceptions ring

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BREAKING NEWS: Mexican Lower Chamber Passes the Cannabis Bill!

Last night, by a considerable majority (310 ayes; 210 nays and 20 abstentions), Mexico’s Lower Chamber approved the Cannabis Law bill sent to it by the Mexican Senate last November. The Cannabis Law was heavily amended prior to passage. As expected, the Law regulates production and merchandising of cannabis and its derivatives for adult (now

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Mexico Medical Cannabis: Fully Legal, But Is It Open?

In our last post, as well as in our Mexico cannabis webinar last month (replay here), we examined the implications, business opportunities and requirements to take advantage of the Medical Regulations that recently entered into force in Mexico. Yes, medical cannabis is now fully legal in Mexico. However, that does not mean that you are able