Analyzing Forced Labor Networks: August 24 Webinar

On Thursday, August 24th at 9:00 AM, join the Business Intelligence for Trade Enforcement (BITE) team as they analyze forced labor networks and violations using the BITE AI platform.

Harris Sliwoski’s leading Board Certified International Attorney, Licensed Customs Broker, and Certified Export Specialist, Robert Kossick will make a “special guest appearance” on the panel.

Watch Here.

The webinar panel will discuss:

  • Trends in forced labor enforcement.
  • Industry best practices to avoid unnecessary supply chain disruptions and costs.
  • Deep-dive into a specific use-case focused on transshipment by Chenguang Biotech Group Co., Ltd. from Xinjiang, using companies in India.

Background on Forced Labor

Robert Kossick recently participated in a Q&A session, highlighting the critical subject and the efforts undertaken by the U.S. Government to eradicate the practice. Here is a video explaining the basics and recent developments relating to forced labor in international trade.

About BITE 

The Business Intelligence for Trade Enforcement (BITE) platform provides cost effective and easy-to-use software products that allow companies and organizations to monitor, identify and mitigate risk in their supply chain, and remain on the right side of trade compliance.

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