Emerging market risks

Recent Events in Africa as a Guide for Investing in Emerging Markets

Political Risks in Emerging Markets Emerging market countries offer tantalizing rewards. High growth rates, untapped resources, and burgeoning middle classes can make for attractive investments. But amidst this allure lies an unpredictable nemesis: political risk. From the abrupt twists of military coups in West Africa to nationalization policies in Latin America, and from regulatory upheavals

International contract lawyer

The Importance of Choice of Law Provisions in Sales Contracts

Choice-of-Law Provisions in Contracts Few contract provisions are as important and yet often overlooked as the choice-of-law provision. This provision determines which jurisdiction’s legal framework will govern the contract and shapes how disputes will be resolved and how legal rights will be interpreted. It is essentially the legal compass guiding the contractual relationship. Making the

international law

Harris Bricken Celebrates Attorney Fred Rocafort’s New Appointments

Harris Bricken is pleased to announce that attorney Fred Rocafort was recently elected co-chair of the Florida Bar International Law Section‘s Asia Committee. Additionally, Fred has been appointed to the steering committee for the next edition of iLaw, the International Law section’s premier annual conference, slated for February 16, 2024, in Miami. Fred has also been

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Foreign Trade Zones for Wisconsin Small Businesses

Though many large Wisconsin corporations have benefitted from Foreign Trade Zone (“FTZ”) tax savings and other benefits programs for decades, many small and medium-size businesses in Wisconsin (“SME”) still don’t know what FTZs are. In fact, of the twenty-four companies that currently operate out of the three FTZ grantees in Wisconsin, none of these companies

washington state

Washington State Bar Association Admits Harris Bricken Partner Griffen Thorne

Congratulations to Harris Bricken Partner Griffen Thorne for becoming a member of the Washington State Bar Association after recently having been elevated to Partner at Harris Bricken. Now that Griffen is admitted to practice in Washington, he’ll be assisting clients with a wide array of their Washington State corporate transactions and regulatory matters. He will

Regulation A

What is a Regulation A Securities Offering?

Our firm’s lawyers routinely assist U.S. and non-U.S. companies in raising capital in the United States. One of the most critical ways international and U.S. companies raise funds in the U.S. is by issuing stock or other securities. Securities offerings, however, are highly regulated — at both the state and federal levels. U.S. law requires

KSL News Radio asks Harris Bricken’s Jonathan Bench about China’s Economy

Recently Jonathan Bench spoke with KSL Radio about China’s recent economic problems. In the interview, Jonathan discussed the increasing number of foreign investors reducing their footprint in China. Bench sees Vietnam as among the next rising economies to which international companies will (and should) turn to. Read more here, about why China’s loss is Vietnam’s

Harris Bricken Names Five Attorneys to Partnership

We are proud to announce five new partners in our litigation, corporate, and regulatory practice groups.   Harris Bricken’s New Partners  Jihee Ahn (Portland/Los Angeles/Seattle – Partner. Jihee chairs Harris Bricken’s Dispute Resolution/Litigation Practice Group, where she mostly handles complex international and domestic litigation and arbitration disputes. Jihee was recently named as a California Super Lawyer 2023

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When A Not-So-Basic Arbitration Provision Makes Sense

We’ve always tried to cover key aspects of arbitrations on this blog, and why arbitration may make more sense for your situation, as opposed to having to pursue a public lawsuit in court. But when you need fast, injunctive relief, a prior agreement to arbitrate can potentially cause delay and be problematic. Though a major

forced labor

Analyzing Forced Labor Networks: August 24 Webinar

On Thursday, August 24th at 9:00 AM, join the Business Intelligence for Trade Enforcement (BITE) team as they analyze forced labor networks and violations using the BITE AI platform. Harris Bricken’s leading Board Certified International Attorney, Licensed Customs Broker, and Certified Export Specialist, Robert Kossick will make a “special guest appearance” on the panel. Watch