In Episode #28, we are joined by Sonu Ratra, Co-founder of Akraya and Founder of Women Back to Work. We discuss:

  • Sonu’s career path from India to the U.S. and working in a male-dominated technology environment.
  • How a difficult business meeting after the birth of her daughter led to her founding Akraya and its Women Back to Work initiative that works to educate companies regarding the significant contributions of women who have taken a career break to care for children or other family members.
  • The success story of one “returner” who is now a project manager at Cisco after a 19 year career gap.
  • Barriers in the workplace for women of color, especially during and post-Covid.
  • Sonu’s involvement in an international “Peace through Business” program with The Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women, including her mentoring women entrepreneurs from Rwanda and Afghanistan.
  • The worldwide contributions of women to society and women’s rights as universal human rights.
  • Advice for girls and women who want to have full participation and contribute to their work and world environments in meaningful ways.
  • Reading, listening, and watching recommendations from:

We’ll see you next week when we sit down with Alberto Predieri to discuss business and life in Italy.

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