CBD Companies Should Prepare Now for Product Liability Claims

We counsel our cannabis (and non-cannabis) clients extensively on product liability issues, and have warned them that the federal illegality of their products will not shield them from the same products liability risks faced by companies in other industries. We extend the same warnings to our cannabidiol (CBD) clients, who, if they are operating outside

Cannabis Business Basics: Product Liability Insurance is a Nonnegotiable Priority

With Juul recently in the news and vaping bans going into effect around the country (see our recent coverage here, here, here and here), marijuana companies have been asking us questions about what to expect in the near term. In the midst of this uncertainty, we have been stressing to our clients the importance of insurance coverage

Cannabis Product Liability in Washington State

As Washington’s cannabis industry continues to develop, marijuana businesses continue to face new challenges. And with an ever growing number of consumers buying and using marijuana the risk of lawsuits against those who produce or sell cannabis keeps growing as well. Under what is called product liability law, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers, and others who

Liability Insurance for China Products

A few months ago, I was speaking with Michael Perry, a Vice President at DLD Insurance Brokers in Los Angeles. Micheal has a wealth of experience in placing international insurance policies and I was picking his brain regarding product liability policies for U.S. companies that get their product from China when I realized Michael’s knowledge would be

Marijuana Retailers: Be Mindful of Products Liability

Marijuana business owners need to be mindful of products liability laws and how they pertain to defective cannabis products. Though most state’s product liability laws favor those not directly involved in manufacturing a defective product, there are circumstances under which retailers can be held liable for a defective product, even without any knowledge of the

The China Price and Product Liability Insurance: Never the Twain Shall Meet

China manufacturing contracts are very different from Western manufacturing contracts, for a whole host of reasons, most of which stem from either differences in laws or differences in economics. This means our China manufacturing lawyers often must explain why they are doing something in China manufacturing so different from the way the client “always does

California Cannabis: Prepare Now for Your Upcoming Product Liability Wake-Up Call

Time and again I have warned cannabis industry participants that federal prohibition means nothing when it comes to liability created by defective products. Colorado is a prime example of the threat and the power of cannabis product recalls. And though for years now we’ve seen various cannabis businesses in Colorado pull their products from the shelves

China Product Liability Insurance: I Meant To Say….

An East Coast lawyer contacted me the other day seeking help for his client in writing an outsourcing contract with a Chinese manufacturer. We talked for maybe ten minutes regarding these contracts and then he told me he had called me because of what I had to say about always requiring the Chinese manufacturer to

Suing Chinese Companies for Product Liability

In the last few years, my law firm’s international dispute resolution team (of which I am a part) has seen a tremendous increase in cases involving individuals and companies and lawyers wanting to sue Chinese companies for a Chinese manufactured product that injured someone. The cases coming to our law firm typically involve one of